The digital renaissance is upon us.

For too long digital artists have had to set aside their dreams of creating because making money from doing what they love was simply not a viable path.

The world's greatest artists are hidden in studios, agencies and working for brands - and while there are glimpses of creative freedom most of us make compromises and are stuck working on things we often don't care about. 

DreamPushers comes with the simple premise of how can we help more artists and creators make money doing what they love. How can we help them make real money?

We believe that that opportunity exists now. Blockchain has enabled a new wave of creativity,  and unlocked multiple revenue streams for creators - a way to create digital scarcity, authenticity and true ownership. It is a way to create art, to share it with the world and get paid.

At DreamPushers we want to power that revolution to set the next generation of artists free, to onboard web2 creators and show them ways to create art, products, and services in this new world. To discuss things like entrepreneurship, growth and community building to fast track their success and to give back. To collaborate on projects and build brands together. Nothing is off limits.

We are a brand that represents crypto creators and we would love to have you join us 🙌